Today: bucket stilts, bag kites, letter hunt, acorn boule

Today was one of the most amazing Outdoor Play days for me.

We had about 10 children join that we never met before and most of them just needed some game ideas as an inspiration to run with, no further guidance, just some apples and juice boxes to fuel the fun.

So before long we had various things going on at the same time. One attraction were definitely the bucket stilts I made from a skipping rope that I cut in half and a pair of empty Farmer’s ice cream buckets.

We had received the buckets for free from the friendly canteen people at Risser’s Beach during our camping trip last weekend.


Some simple “kites” that we made from plastic bags and nylon string were a hit with the younger kids, just the right thing for a 4 year old to run around with:


Some of the older boys played three rounds of the ever popular “letter hunt” where one team picks a secret word from a box of colorful letters and hides them in various places in a certain area of the park, before the other team – who was not peeking – goes on the hunt, hopefully finds all the letters and puzzles out the word.


Besides all this, we also had the extra large beach ball, several soft frisbees and balls flying and a game of bullseye acorn boule going on: We drew concentric rings with sidewalk chalk and used a box of acorn like boule balls, scoring points depending on which ring they land on.




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