Outdoor Play today at Duc D’Anville school yard

Today from 3pm to 7pm at the Duc D’Anville Elementary school playground, we played giant outdoor Bagh-Chal and many other games like mini boules, word-hide-and-find, soccer, frisbee, foam ball badminton and riding various types of bicycles.

As usual, I provided the game equipment, juice boxes and granola bars for everyone.

Some of the participants gathered for a group photo on the Bagh-Chal field:



For the word-hide-and-find, we used an alphabet of plastic letters, with one team secretly forming and hiding a word somewhere on the playground and the other team finding and decoding the word. It was so popular with some of the kids that I left my alphabet box with them when I left at 7pm(!) and they still wanted to play more.



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