Rusty “Duralast” Detectable Warning Plates in Haligonian sidewalks

I noticed that newer sidewalks in Halifax all seem to feature “Duralast” Detectable Warning Plates made by EJ Company in the USA. These plates are meant to help warn the blind or visually impaired of the edge of the sidewalk.


The plates are made of uncoated cast iron and usually look rusty, with rust leaking down the concrete. It made me wonder how durable and long-lasting these “Duralast” products actually are.

Dartmouth Councillor Sam Austin was wondering the same thing.

According to the manufacturer and some info I found online, these plates rust until a natural “patina” develops. But I find it hard to believe that uncoated iron embedded in a sidewalk will ever stop rusting, as it exposed to salt in the winter, rain, ice and foot traffic.

What do you think? Is this a scam that will cost HRM as these plates rust away and have to be replaced?

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