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Our Halloween jack-o-lanterns

A combo of home-made jack-o-lanterns in front of our house:

And another extra scary one, designed by my older son:

Some of the carved out seeds and “innards” went into the backyard garden for hopefully next year’s pumpkin patch.

I also put aside a nice big bowl of seeds to dry and be roasted for snacking at some point.

Halloween drawing : egg-eyed-zombie

I called this drawing the “Egg-eyed zombie”.

Please note the cucumber-onion nose, the “Vanillekipferl” ear, the worm in the brain and the rooster-mohawk.

Some details (spiders, cuts, red floating head, blood) were added by my son.

Disclaimer: This image might be disgusting to some. Viewer discretion is advised. 🙂


This is from the same session as the friendly-goat-eared-rabbit-cat-man.