Fair and square for Halloween

Today I am handing out 20 of these chocolate bars to Haligonian trick or treaters, one for each family that shows up at our doorstep.

The chocolate is Fair trade organic from trusted Just Us!, a Nova Scotian worker-owned coop that maintains close relationships with the cocoa and sugar cane farmers who grow and harvest the ingredients for these yummy products.

A fairer world is possible, where children in other countries can go to school and/or play, not slave away on plantations, where farmers earn a decent living wage to feed their families and regular people from all countries bypass the purely profit-driven “major brand” corporations (like Nestle, Mondelez, Mars, Hersheys, Ferrero, etc).

Late Bloomers are extra pretty

Our front-yard garden has been very satisfying this year: We harvested tomatoes, zucchinis, various herbs and lots of kale.

For the optics and for edible and spreadable seeds we had nice looking sun flowers growing all summer and fall.

And now – drum roll – we are also seeing some pretty flowers from a Vesey’s seed mix blooming, that we purchased last year through a Garden Club fund-raiser by Duc D’Anville Elementary school.

Kudos to Kam and the PTA for coordinating these lovely fund-raisers and the Garden Club!

A magical Medicine Walk

I took one book with me on our family vacation at Risser’s Beach campground – “Medicine Walk” by Laurie Lacey. I read it in the dark of night in the hammock on our campsite, under starry skies using a flashlight.


I had bought the book at our previous camping trip this year, at the visitor centre of Kejimkujik National Park. I think the book helps me reflect and increasingly pursue my renewed desire to connect with nature, its calming and healing powers and the wisdom of first nations about these things.

And then lo and behold, on the way home from Risser’s, we stopped for supper at a restaurant in Bridgewater and who do I see there – Laurie Lacey, the author of this inspiring book. He was very kind and signed it for me with some good wishes.

I usually do not believe in higher powers or “signs” but I just cannot see this as a pure coincidence. I think there is an important message in it for me, an affirmation of some of the lessons I am learning from the book and some of the inspirations I am taking from it.

Our Halloween jack-o-lanterns

A combo of home-made jack-o-lanterns in front of our house:

And another extra scary one, designed by my older son:

Some of the carved out seeds and “innards” went into the backyard garden for hopefully next year’s pumpkin patch.

I also put aside a nice big bowl of seeds to dry and be roasted for snacking at some point.

Clean up, green up


Yesterday’s “Clean up, Green up” at Duc D’Anville Elementary was a great success.

About 50 volunteers gathered 20 bags of garbage from schoolyard and neighbouring woods.

They worked for 3 hours through sun, rain, and hail. Luckily it was mostly sun.


Three raised beds were built and filled with good soil.

This was possible after the very successful Mother’s day flower pots fund-raiser.

The Duc D’Anville families helped the school garden project to a good start.


Thanks for everyone’s work! It was fun.

We are making huge progress and every contribution counts.

A notice to start the kids garden club goes home this week and the first meeting should be Thursday.