Outdoor play with flying chicken

During Mobile Food Market | Halifax, summer 2017:


Treasure to bury for pirate party

I have finished the treasure chest for my younger son’s birthday party in the afternoon.

treasure chest

I hand-made it – including a special locking mechanism – from some left-over wood, old hardware and golden ductape.

tricky lock

Inside is the choc-o-looty cake and lots of gold, i.e. chocolate loonies from bulk barn.

choc-o-looty cake and coins

Now I am going to bury it in a secret spot and will mark it with an “X”.

Arrrrr! 🙂

A magical Medicine Walk

I took one book with me on our family vacation at Risser’s Beach campground – “Medicine Walk” by Laurie Lacey. I read it in the dark of night in the hammock on our campsite, under starry skies using a flashlight.


I had bought the book at our previous camping trip this year, at the visitor centre of Kejimkujik National Park. I think the book helps me reflect and increasingly pursue my renewed desire to connect with nature, its calming and healing powers and the wisdom of first nations about these things.

And then lo and behold, on the way home from Risser’s, we stopped for supper at a restaurant in Bridgewater and who do I see there – Laurie Lacey, the author of this inspiring book. He was very kind and signed it for me with some good wishes.

I usually do not believe in higher powers or “signs” but I just cannot see this as a pure coincidence. I think there is an important message in it for me, an affirmation of some of the lessons I am learning from the book and some of the inspirations I am taking from it.

Outdoor Play today at Duc D’Anville school yard

Today from 3pm to 7pm at the Duc D’Anville Elementary school playground, we played giant outdoor Bagh-Chal and many other games like mini boules, word-hide-and-find, soccer, frisbee, foam ball badminton and riding various types of bicycles.

As usual, I provided the game equipment, juice boxes and granola bars for everyone.

Some of the participants gathered for a group photo on the Bagh-Chal field:



For the word-hide-and-find, we used an alphabet of plastic letters, with one team secretly forming and hiding a word somewhere on the playground and the other team finding and decoding the word. It was so popular with some of the kids that I left my alphabet box with them when I left at 7pm(!) and they still wanted to play more.