Outdoor Play today at Duc D’Anville school yard

Today from 3pm to 7pm at the Duc D’Anville Elementary school playground, we played giant outdoor Bagh-Chal and many other games like mini boules, word-hide-and-find, soccer, frisbee, foam ball badminton and riding various types of bicycles.

As usual, I provided the game equipment, juice boxes and granola bars for everyone.

Some of the participants gathered for a group photo on the Bagh-Chal field:



For the word-hide-and-find, we used an alphabet of plastic letters, with one team secretly forming and hiding a word somewhere on the playground and the other team finding and decoding the word. It was so popular with some of the kids that I left my alphabet box with them when I left at 7pm(!) and they still wanted to play more.


Bagh-Chal at the family festival

We played Bagh-Chal – also known as “goats and tigers” – at the 10th annual Fairview family festival and barbeque.

Thanks to the wonderful Ruth Byrne from the Fairview Family Centre we found some table space for the game board.


I was fortunate enough to play with a senior member of the local Nepali community. He doesn’t speak much English, I don’t speak any Nepali. So I am not even sure I properly caught his name, but we had fun playing anyway … đŸ™‚

We used a board I made last year for an international game night hosted by Nuriya Shamsuddin from Fairview action for neighbourhood change.

the board

Goats and tigers / Frogs and crokinoles

Playing Bagh-chal on Sunday night was fun.

About 20 people played various games. 4 Bagh-chal game boards were in use, plus classic checkers, memory, pentago, etc.


We jokingly called the game “Frogs and crokinoles” because we used plastic jumping frogs as tigers.


Here a photo of the busiest Bagh-chal table, with players and spectators of all ages:


Many thanks to Nuriya from UnitedWay for providing snacks and tea! Thanks also to Mosaic (PAOC) for allowing us to use the space. :o)

Sunday, 6pm : Play Bagh-Chal

Do you know the board game “Bagh-Chal” aka “Goats and Tigers” from Nepal?

We will play it on Sunday, Oct 25th. 6pm, at Mosaic Church on Willett St. There will probably be people from Nepal / Bhutan, too (refugees / residents of Fairview).

We will have several boards. Free snacks and coffee/tea will be provided by UnitedWay.

The game is kind of fun, simple rules, but challenging if the other player is advanced. It is an “asymmetric” board game with 20 goats vs 4 tigers.