A friendly dinner plate :)

Today some food arranged itself for my son like this, without any tinkering:

School garden plan and fundraising


Yesterday, the school garden initiative at Duc D’Anville school met for the second time, with participation from parents, students, local residents experienced with community gardening, school administration and community workers.

Everyone seems to like the proposed plan, see layout on the right, including the principal.


Now we need building materials for the raised beds, logs for seating, soil, 2 large compost bins.

Fund-raising action items and ideas:

  • Complete the United Way grant application
  • Use school letter to ask stores for donations
  • Call for donations in the school newsletter
  • Contact city (?) about tree trunks for seating
  • Contact ecology action centre community garden coordinator
  • Contact Burton Ettinger school administration for advice
  • Launch a Mothers Day fundraiser (“love that grows”)

Fairview food bank needs dry beans, lentils, barley


The Feed Nova Scotia food bank in Fairview currently needs dried beans, lentils, barley, etc.

Many low-income vegetarians, often recent immigrants, live in Fairview and need dried ingredients to cook traditional dishes.

Please note that canned precooked products, like the typical “can of beans”, do not work well for this.

The Fairview food bank every Tuesday, 9am-2pm at the Salvation Army, 50 Gesner St (corner Coronation Ave), Halifax, phone 902-443-1776. Here is the direct Google Maps link.

Please either stop by there or drop your donation in a donation bin at your local grocery store.

The needed items are available from the larger grocery store chains, bulk barn, indian groceries, mid east food centre, etc.