Again no HRM Open Gym in Fairview today

halifax-logoWe really like the free “run around and play” time that the HRM Open Gym Program offers on Saturdays afternoons, when it actually takes place.

But quite frankly, it sucks that half the times we try to use the program – at the Fairview Jr High school gym – we face locked doors due to last minute cancellations or early closures, usually without any information posted anywhere on why or when the cancellation was decided.

The program is supposed to run from 1:30 – 4pm. We usually do arrive around 3pm because of lunch and swimming lessons in the early afternoon. This should not be a problem, because it is a free form drop-in program where participants can use the provided space and equipment as they want.

But today it happened again: We were there at 3:15pm, the school doors were locked, an open gym door visible through the windows but dark, again no notice about a cancellation.

Me and my two frustrated sons (4 and 7 years old) were looking forward to a fun time all day. Even if attendance was low or one of the HRM staff was sick or whatever, there should at least be a note on the door about it, and/or on the HRM website.