Fair and square for Halloween

Today I am handing out 20 of these chocolate bars to Haligonian trick or treaters, one for each family that shows up at our doorstep.

The chocolate is Fair trade organic from trusted Just Us!, a Nova Scotian worker-owned coop that maintains close relationships with the cocoa and sugar cane farmers who grow and harvest the ingredients for these yummy products.

A fairer world is possible, where children in other countries can go to school and/or play, not slave away on plantations, where farmers earn a decent living wage to feed their families and regular people from all countries bypass the purely profit-driven “major brand” corporations (like Nestle, Mondelez, Mars, Hersheys, Ferrero, etc).

Mother tongues at Duc D’Anville Elementary

These are the family languages at Duc D’Anville Elementary as of early 2019 (in alphabetic order):

  1. Albanian
  2. Amharic
  3. Arabic
  4. Bengali
  5. Beni (Edo)
  6. Chinese
  7. Croatian
  8. Dinka
  9. English
  10. Farsi
  11. French
  12. German
  13. Greek
  14. Gujarati
  15. Hindi
  16. Igbo
  17. Kannada
  18. Korean
  19. Kurdish
  20. Lebanese
  21. Nepali
  22. Oromo
  23. Pashto
  24. Persian
  25. Punjabi
  26. Russian
  27. Serbian
  28. Somali
  29. Swahili
  30. Tagalog
  31. Telugu
  32. Turkish
  33. Urdu
  34. Urhobo
  35. Vietnamese
  36. Yoruba