Minecraft: a parent’s guide @ nspcc.org.uk

As our boys are getting sucked into the world of Minecraft, I found the “National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children” (nspcc.org.uk) site to be a helpful resource.


Leaf mountain time

We used our rakes and gathered lots of leaves at a nice spot in our neighbourhood. Let’s call it “Leaf Mountain”. 🙂

Here are two videos:

What’s happening – a leaf volcano ?

And here comes a cannonball – head over heels into the leaf pile :

Creative Outdoor Play starts …

The first creative outdoor play time is on the coming Saturday, June 13th, 3pm – 5pm at Titus Park !

Please RSVP so we can plan accordingly.

Your children age 3 – 6 are welcome in the play group that Oliver and his son will coordinate. Older siblings are welcome as well.

Please note: All children have to be accompanied by at least one of their parents. Parents are fully responsible for their children. The project leader (Oliver) offers some activities, but this is not a childcare service.

However, ideally, parents will find time to socialize and hang out, have a snack and drink, pass around their babies, etc. Let us know if you need a camping chair. We actually have some budget for that.

Please feel free to bring some snacks, photo albums or whatever you would like to share. A United Way community coordinator will probably bring some tea or coffee.