Multicultural Board Games

I added some reference info to my github repo about the Multicultural Board Games we played at the Duc Games Club:

The page is still a work in progress. I am going to add Bagh-Chal, Alquerque, Othello/Reversi, Sudoku, Pachisi and others soon.

We invested in solar panels

We spent $9000 on a panel installation that fully covers the south-facing half of our roof and has been in operation since December 2019. Ours was done by Doctor Solar, a local business in HRM. The $9000 is what we effectively paid after receiving a $4000 provincial rebate.

You can see in the chart below the monthly output so far, as it is increasing each month as we move towards summer solstice. May output is currently still lower than June because there is still one week in May left to go. You can see a nice seasonal curve in the chart. I think it is safe to assume that it follows the sine curve of sun hours for our location. For easier math we can use the average sun hours value for Halifax. Our roof doesn’t get any shade from trees or other buildings.

One kWh is currently priced at about 16 – 17 cents by NS Power. No matter how much one generates, we still have to pay the monthly base fee of currently $10.83 to NSP.

Now we can do the math if you want. After how many years will we break even?

The sun and its season-based path in the sky won’t change. Cloudy days can vary, but usually predictably average out in the long run. Power rate tends to go up, which means the solar power generated increases in value over time. Panels have a 25 year warranty and are quite robust.

Reversi at the Duc Games Club

Today the Games Club at Duc D’Anville Elementary played

  • The group action table game “The Commander says …” which is a bit like an at-the-table version of “Simon says”
  • A home-made version of Othello/Reversi

The play pieces for the Othello game are basically these cedar rings from Walmart, just painted black and white. They also work perfectly for large-sized checkers, 12-men morris and similar board games.

Fair and square for Halloween

Today I am handing out 20 of these chocolate bars to Haligonian trick or treaters, one for each family that shows up at our doorstep.

The chocolate is Fair trade organic from trusted Just Us!, a Nova Scotian worker-owned coop that maintains close relationships with the cocoa and sugar cane farmers who grow and harvest the ingredients for these yummy products.

A fairer world is possible, where children in other countries can go to school and/or play, not slave away on plantations, where farmers earn a decent living wage to feed their families and regular people from all countries bypass the purely profit-driven “major brand” corporations (like Nestle, Mondelez, Mars, Hersheys, Ferrero, etc).